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О корнях и правах

Всё, что имеет корни, приобретает и права.

Г.К. Честертон. Краткая история Англии

( His status began to have roots; and whatever has roots will have rights. )

Взято у Холмогорова . И кажется, немного выдернуто из контекста. А контекст такой:

By a process very much more indirect even than that of the Church, this decentralization and drift also worked against the slave-state of antiquity. The localism did indeed produce that choice of territorial chieftains which came to be called Feudalism, and of which we shall speak later.
But the direct possession of man by man the same localism tended to destroy; though this negative influence upon it bears no kind of proportion to the positive influence of the Catholic Church.
The later pagan slavery, like our own industrial labour which increasingly resembles it, was worked on a larger and larger scale; and it was at last too large to control. The bondman found the visible Lord more distant than the new invisible one.
The slave became the serf; that is, he could be shut in, but not shut out. When once he belonged to the land, it could not be long before the land belonged to him.
Even in the old and rather fictitious language of chattel slavery, there is here a difference. It is the difference between a man being a chair and a man being a house.
Canute might call for his throne; but if he wanted his throne-room he must go and get it himself. Similarly, he could tell his slave to run, but he could only tell his serf to stay.
Thus the two slow changes of the time both tended to transform the tool into a man. His status began to have roots; and whatever has roots will have rights.
G.K. Chesterton, A Short History of England, 1917.

Но идея взаимосвязи корней и прав - идея интересная.
Собственно, националисты, подступают к ней не первый раз.
Она и в некоторых конституциях закреплена. Президентом США, например, может быть только родившийся на их территории.
Развёрнуто, так сказать, наоборот: нет корней - нет и прав.
В некоторых случаях «корни» - не от территории, а от национальности родителей (Jus sanguinis), трактуемой иногда достаточно широко :) .
Как правило, права идут в сочетании с обязанностями.
Что само по себе - многогранная тема …

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